Why MUST Your Business Have a Website?

Despite what the statistics show, we are always quite surprised when we happen across a business that doesn’t have a website.  And, although many small business owners do understand the importance of having their own website, we still occasionally run into small business owners that are unconvinced as to why they must have an online presence.

Your Potential Customers Are Researching Options Online

Why MUST Your Business Have a Website For Inbound MarketingAs the internet has evolved over the past couple of decades, online information has become easily accessible from a whole plethora of electronic devices; it’s not just someone sitting at a computer that is searching for answers.  Many mobile phone and GPS users type in the keywords of what they are looking for to find acceptable options like “Mexican food in Overland Park, KS”.  When someone’s car breaks down, a quick search for emergency help services might be something like “towing Johnson County, KS”.  And, chefs are even performing searches for answers right from their refrigerator consoles like “Perfect Pie Crust recipes”.

Don’t you want your business to be one of the available options listed when a potential customer is looking for help or information on the types of services or goods that your company delivers?  Think of the internet search engines like google as giant worldwide (and local) yellow pages.  For years, getting a business listing in the local telephone directory has been a no-brainer for small business owners, and the internet is just a digital extension of that paper directory and much, much more!  Plus, having a website for your small business brings you many opportunities that you just can’t get from a telephone directory listing.

Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

  1. Presence (covered above) – basically if you do not have a website for your small business, then your presence on the internet is non-existent.  And, trust me, there is someone in your industry quite possibly your #1 competitor that does have a website.  If for some reason you truly believe that your small business is in an industry that is not represented online, then think about what it would mean for your business to be the pioneer of your industry and be the first one with a website!
  2. Reach – because the internet is available across the globe, your reach to potential customers is far greater with a website than what you can achieve with an advertisement in a local newspaper or magazine.  Even if your business solely relies on local sales, a website will help your business reach more people in your target areas – ones that do not receive or pay attention to the ads you run.
  3. Control – owning your own website gives you complete control over exactly how your company information is designed, displayed, and communicated.  Instead of trying to fit all your essential information into a designated size limit, a website has the capability to hold as much information as you need it to hold.  The information can be arranged in any order you want and can be changed at any time without extra fees and stipulations.
  4. Credibility – often times someone that is unfamiliar with your business will do a quick search online to get some Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website For Inbound Marketinginformation and an understanding about what your business does.  If you do not have a website, that can often raise a red flag or at the very least result in a number of questions that are unanswered.  Whereas, if your small business does have a website, not only will you be found when someone does a quick search online, but you will also have the ability to provide details on your website with may satisfy some of the general questions people have about your business.
  5. Value – having a website for your small business establishes you as someone that understands the value of technological trends and opportunities that are available online.  This will increase the perceived value of your business to potential investors and/or lenders.
  6. Communication – many companies opt to include a blog or industry news type of section to their website which is a great way to share insight, expertise, and content with your clients and potential clients.  Sharing this sort of information on your website gives you the ability to influence the people that visit your site and also gives your company a voice around the topics that are important within your industry.
  7. Support – a website provides you the ability to connect with your clients without picking up the phone.  Even if you do not have an online chat or help area, simply having an email address that messages can be sent to allows people to communicate with you 24/7.

There are many more valid reasons for owning your own website in addition to ones we’ve covered.  But do you really need more proof (if yes make sure you contact us for help with your specific questions)?  What are you waiting for?  If you do not have a website for your small business already, then you MUST get started today.

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