Streaming Your Way to Marketing Success (May 6)

There’s a content revolution underway that’s got brands the world over scurrying to incorporate live broadcast video into their campaign strategies and marketing initiatives. Live media can now be targeted, embedded and viewed on all digital devices — and for organizations looking to drive everything from product sales to social media impressions and overall awareness, streaming video is a high performance route to gaining audience attention.


What: Streaming Your Way to Marketing Success

When: May 6, 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Where: Online – uStream

Webinar Leads:

  • David Gibbons, Ustream VP of Marketing
  • Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, Instructional Design Manager of MarketingProfs

Learning Objectives:

  • Replace static banner ads with LiveAds
  • Create highly-clickable calls-to-action
  • Dial in social network engagement
  • Produce a customized, live interactive brand experience



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