RECAP – Mobile Moments: Marketo’s Road to Success Kickoff Keynote with Brian Wong #MKTGNATION14

The kickoff keynote for Marketo’s Road to Success Virtual Event was lead by Brian Wong, co-founder and CEO of Kiip (pronounced kEEp).  Brian’s keynote was titled “Mobile Moments,” and his discussion focused entirely on rewarding customers for the moments they experience in their day-to-day lives.

RECAP – Mobile Moments: Marketo’s Road to Success Kickoff Keynote with Brian Wong #MKTGNATION14 for Inbound MarketingHe started by explaining how observing the nature of addictive achievements that drive people to play video games led him to thinking about driving brand awareness and engagements through everyday mobile moments and activities.  By embedding rewards into apps that people already use like their alarm clock app, the CutTheRope game app, etc., you can drive users to engage with your company.  But, it’s not just about the reward that is offered, it is also about happiness.  As Brian pointed out, there is much more long-term value in achieving organic engagement as opposed to driving traffic by dangling carrots in front of users, and that is why the timing and placement of rewards needs to be strategically determined.

RECAP – Mobile Moments: Marketo’s Road to Success Kickoff Keynote with Brian Wong #MKTGNATION14 for Inbound MarketingBrian shared a number of statistics from studies his team has conducted on the timing and placement of rewards within apps.  Their research shows that placing rewards further into the usage of an app (let’s say at level 50 on a game) rather than the very first time an app is used creates higher levels of reward redemption.  So, the more time-invested someone is in an app, the more likely they are to appreciate and interact with the reward that is offered to them.

Many other statistics were covered in the discussion including which types of industries perform better with rewards and how much a user is willing to do to redeem a reward.  Brian reminded marketers that this ever-growing world of connected devices brings great amounts of information to the hands of today’s marketers and there is a real need to remain ethical and responsible with the treatment of that data.

His closing thought centered around the fact that there are billions of mobile moments happening each and every day, and his challenge was “How can we take billions of moments experienced each day & turn them into billions of opportunities to delight?”

This keynote presentation will be available for streaming and download via Marketo later, and I will update this page with those details as soon as I receive them.



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