Multi-Screen Engagement: Marketing Across Devices (April 15)

Studies show that a television is no longer the only place that consumers are getting their entertainment. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are all able to air your favorite shows—and the ads that go with them. This combination of multiple screens into the consumer experience is transforming how people develop devotion to certain brands, and how they stay engaged with content and brands simultaneously across different devices. Marketers must meet consumers on whichever screen they’re viewing. Not only that, it needs to be a picture-perfect experience. Otherwise, the connection with the consumer will be lost. Loyalty will go to the brands that transcend across all platforms.

What: Multi-Screen Engagement: Marketing Across Devices

When: April 15th at 12pm EST / 9am PST

Where: Online – Social Media Today


  • Linda West, Act-On
  • Chad Parizman
  • Romi Mahajan

Learning Objectives:

  • Designing your creative with engagement and interactivity in mind.
  • Understanding the different types of multi-screeners.
  • Integrating your mobile and online digital strategy.
  • Leveraging the variety of social platforms.


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