Did You Miss the World’s Largest Webinar? #WLW14

HubSpot Ask the Experts WebinarToday, HubSpot hosted another record breaking live webinar event at 2pm Eastern.  They have hosted 2 similar events in years past with the previous world record for the largest online marketing seminar involving 10,899 participants in 2011.  That webinar was on the topic “The Science of Social Media” and was presented by Dan Zarrella.  This time HubSpot stacked the deck with presenters from all three of the big dogs in social media (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) joining in with Dan for a conversation around how to get more followers, engagement, & revenue.

At the start time, there were 34,000-ish participants enrolled to attend.  To encourage early sign-in to the webinar, they announced that each person arriving prior to the start of the webinar would be receiving $50 ad credit for both LinkedIn and Twitter.  It appears that the credit offering was a huge draw because the Q&A box was bombarded with people asking when and where they would be getting their credit.  For us here at dripdrap, we just turned up the volume on our laptops and rocked out to the groovy pre-webinar beats they pumped out – with a techno-Disney version of Frozen’s “Let It Go” being the finale.

The hashtag #WLW14 was trending on Twitter within minutes after the official webinar start time.  And, the conversation started off with Dan Zarrella going through a long laundry list of giveaways for attendees.  The most coveted freebie was HubSpot swag for the top 10 tweeters which was determined by their live leaderboard.

If you missed the webinar, here are a few of our notes on the Q&A with each presenter:

World’s Largest Webinar Article for Inbound Marketing and Social Media Science with Hubspot, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook #WLW14

Jed Clevenger from Facebook

  • How do you get more value out of your Facebook profile?
    • You can establish a presence on Facebook by creating a business page.
    • Fill out complete and accurate information about your business – everything that your customers need to know.
    • Have great profile photos and a cover photo.
    • Use their free tools to build the audience. Contact importer and friend invites.
    • Test new types of content and spend more time in your Page Insights.
  • How can I be more successful with Facebook Ads?
    • On Facebook you can create ads that target by age, gender, location.
    • Custom Audiences Ads allow you to find your existing customer lists like email lists and create a special ad to target that audience.
    • Facebook also has a new ad options called Website Custom audiences so you can target people that have visited your website.
  • What is the biggest mistake that advertisers make?
    • People aren’t risky and human enough.  You should talk to people on Facebook the way you would want to be talked to in person.
    • Use the Facebook specialists that are available to you at http://facebook.com/sts.  Their help is free!

World’s Largest Webinar Article for Inbound Marketing and Social Media Science with Hubspot, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook #WLW14

Russ Laraway from Twitter

  • How to improve your Twitter page?
    • There is more room now with the new space and profile.
    • Use your bio to be description and reflective of your business.
    • Make sure you include a URL for your site and store hours – anything that makes it easy for people to find you.
    • Use photos for your products.
  • How can I get more engagement for my tweets?
    • One way is to give your audience what they want.
    • Use the 80/20 rule with 80% being content that is not sales related.  Add in photos to get more exp
  • Hashtag Advice
    • Think of them as ways to join relevant conversations.  When you use hashtags you are connected to everyone in that conversations.
    • Leave hashtags out of tweets that are intended for a direct conversation.
    • Anyone can create their own hashtag.  If you do create your own hashtag and it is not widely used, then give people an incentive around using it.
  • If your goal is to get engagement on Twitter, use images.  They get 2x as much engagement as text only.

World’s Largest Webinar Article for Inbound Marketing and Social Media Science with Hubspot, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook #WLW14

Scott Engelman from LinkedIn

  • How can you improve your business page on LinkedIn?
    • Write a compelling description of your business.
    • Include keywords and terms that are relevant to your business.
    • Think about what images will be interesting to your professional audience. *ahem – not the place for Grumpy cat*
  • What kind of content should you include on LinkedIn company pages?
    • Professionally relevant content is good content to use.
  • Advertising on LinkedIn
    • On LinkedIn there are two ways to advertise – LinkedIn ads & sponsored updates.
    • Sponsored Updates can give you great value and exposure to your target audience.
    • Start with an organic page post and then use sponsored updates to expand the reach of your posts.
  • Campaign Management Advice
    • Always monitor your CTR.
    • Test different bids with target audiences.
    • Make sure your bid is at or near the high end of the rates.

Overall, the webinar was fun to participate in; and aside from someone accidentally muting themselves about 45 minutes into the conversation, there were no obvious technical issues.  That speaks volumes for the webinar platform HubSpot chose to use which was the Infinite platform (in case you were wondering).

If you missed out, alas, you will not be able to tune in at your own convenience via a recording because this was a LIVE ONLY event.  But, you should just check out the hashtag #WLW14 for insight shared by the attendees.


  1. Let me summarize this article: “Missed the webinar? Too bad, it was awesome.”

  2. Thanks for doing this Stephanie!

    • No problem, Billie :) thanks for checking my post out!


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