MarketingProfs Webinar: How to Use Google Analytics’ Secret Data to Improve Your Search and Social Campaigns

What: How to Use Google Analytics’ Secret Data to Improve Your Search and Social Campaigns

When: Thu, Mar 6, 2014, 12pm ET (90 minutes in length)

Who Should Attend: Marketers and small business owners, especially those who use Google Analytics to track site traffic.

Where: online at MarketingProfs

Pricing: $129 (single session) or $279 (entire year access to this & many other events)

Presenter: Jeff Sauer

Moderator: Jennifer Kelly

Learning Objectives

  • How to gain a better understanding of visitor demographics and how to use that information to build future campaigns
  • How to use Google Analytics’ multi-channel funnels to prove the value of your SEO and social efforts
  • Simple tips and tools within Google Analytics that will help analyze your search performance

You’ve been collecting valuable data about your search and social campaigns for years and you may not have even known it! If you use Google Analytics on your website (which an estimated 75% of all websites do), the simple act of collecting visitor data opens the door to a treasure trove of information about how organic search and social media are impacting your traffic.

This PRO seminar will help you find and understand the rich search and social data that is available to you within Google Analytics and how to use it to shape your future campaigns. Attendees will walk away with several actionable tips that can be used to measure and improve their search and social campaigns.


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