MarketingProfs Webinar: Transform Your Business to Be the Most Highly Recommended Brand in Your Category

What: Transform Your Business to Be the Most Highly Recommended Brand in Your Category

When: Thu, Mar 27, 2014, 12pm ET (90 minutes in length)

Who Should Attend: Professionals in marketing leadership roles who are interested in learning how to ensure their brands are the most discovered, talked about, and recommended within their categories.

Where: online at MarketingProfs

Pricing: $129 (single session) or $279 (entire year access to this & many other events)

Presenter: Paul Rand

Moderator: Jennifer Kelly

Learning Objectives

  • How the power of social recommendations has changed the dynamics of managing businesses
  • Where and how your customers are talking about your brand
  • How to connect directly with your most influential customers
  • How to create compelling content to engage new customers, articulate your “shareable story,” and get people talking
  • How to build a truly social business by becoming the most highly-recommended brand

Now that we’ve reached “the end of the beginning of social media,” many brands are thinking about how to effectively leverage social channels to engage their customers. The power of word-of-mouth marketing in today’s social media-rich world can’t be overstated—it’s the most important tool in your marketing toolbox. Companies that understand how they can actively monitor, manage, and shape how their brand is regarded are experiencing a positive shift in both recognition and revenues.

In this PRO seminar, one of the pioneers of word-of-mouth marketing will share best practices and real-world examples showing how you can become the most highly-recommended brand and gain a competitive edge.


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