Marketing Measurement & Analytics (April 10)

What: Marketing Measurement & Analytics

When: Kickoff class broadcasts April 10, 2014.  Access recordings online for 12 months!

Where: Online – MarketingProfs

Pricing: $595 – Price includes all online learning materials and classes needed for the course. You’ll receive a downloadable Certificate of Completion at course end.

It’s pretty easy to identify Facebook Likes, webpage visitors, and time on site, but can you put a dollar value on every click a piece of online content receives? Do you know what the middle of your funnel is worth? Can you definitively state what your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is for your social media efforts?

If any of these keep you (or your boss) up at night, this course is for you. Marketing Measurement & Analytics is a 9-class course spanning 5 hours that will unlock all-new measurement and analysis powers you never knew you had. From putting metrics to your digital advertising and learning the role Big Data plays, to funnel analytics and finding the value of your multichannel marketing campaigns, you’ll find your marketing efforts becoming more effective and much more profitable as you see what works and what doesn’t.

Includes these 9 class topics:

  1. BIG DATA: Use Your Data to Cut Through the Noise and Drive Customer Engagement
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT: The Fundamentals of Social Media Measurement
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA LISTENING: Three Keys to Insight Discovery
  4. DIGITAL ADVERTISING: Who Saw My Ad and What Did They Do Next?
  5. PR MEASUREMENT: Establishing Benchmarks & Measuring PR Programming
  6. FUNNEL ANALYTICS: Finding the True Value of Your Online Marketing Campaigns
  7. CONTENT EFFECTIVENESS: How to Measure and Analyze the Efficacy of Online Content Assets
  8. PRESENTATIONS: Presenting Metrics, Analytics, and Other Data-Rich Information to the C-Suite
  9. MULTICHANNEL MEASUREMENT: Don’t Misread the Story Your Digital Marketing Playbook Is Telling



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