A Marketer’s Guide to High-Conversion Facebook and Twitter Campaigns (October 21)

As time spent on social media increases rapidly, marketers need to reach key audiences with increasingly precise targeting and more compelling content. What’s stopping brands from getting the most out of their social advertising strategies? Why is adoption of paid social advertising lagging behind overall adoption of the platforms themselves?

Join AdRoll’s Senior Director of Marketing, Jackie Lamping, and Percolate’s Director of Growth, Chris Bolman, as they share strategies for unlocking social ROI on Facebook and Twitter.


What: A Marketer’s Guide to High-Conversion Facebook and Twitter Campaigns

When: Tuesday, October 21, 11 AM PDT/ 2 PM EDT

Where: Online – AdRoll


Learning Objectives:

  • Benefits and simple pitfalls to avoid when planning social ad campaigns
  • Challenges in social that block brands from unlocking their full potential
  • Top 5 tips to getting started with a high-impact ad campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  • Examples and case studies of smart social campaign strategies



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