Listening to Your Community: What to Measure? What to Outsource? What to DIY? (April 22)

Earlier in the year, we talked about the importance of creating customer communities, but once you’ve done this and you’re community is scaling, how do you manage? Should you outsource your community the same way people outsource their call centers? Your community manager and their team make up the face and voice of your brand. They possess a combination of marketing, PR, and customer support, with social skills to support these roles. They’re usually the first to notice negative comments about your company and its products and services. They can usually alleviate issues before they spread and know which subject matter experts can help. They’re also the ones announcing new features and accomplishments, and engaging customers and prospects with relevant, quality content with a human touch.

In this webinar, we’d like to talk about the pros and cons of outsourcing the management of customer community, as opposed to keeping this task in-house.


What:  Listening to Your Community: What to Measure? What to Outsource? What to DIY?

When: April 22nd at 12pm EST / 9am PST

Where: Online – Social Media Today

Webinar Lead: Matt Ceniceros –  Director, PulsePoint Group

Learning Objectives:

  • The levels of community management service.
  • The most common mistakes employers make when hiring for outsourcing
  • Things to consider before outsourcing any aspect of community management.
  • Which roles can be outsourced and the benefits of this.
  • How to find a trusted partner for your community.



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