Infographic Wednesday: A Look Inside the Marketing Mind

This week’s infographic Better Demand Gen: A Look Inside the Marketing Mind comes from Harte Hanks, a B2B content marketing and data management solution provider.  While their infographic packs in lots of interesting details about how both sides of your brain work to maximize demand generation, the real reason it stands out from the pack is how much it makes our brain hurt to look at and comprehend the information that is being shown.  Maybe it’s the handwritten font that’s used or the dull parchment-esque style background that makes this infographic barely digestible; but, if you can manage to conquer this infographic information overload, you will actually find some useful nuggets like this one: “Leading companies are more than 2x as likely to promote content via social channels.”

Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Marketing Mind Infographic

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