Influencers 2.0 | ROI of the Influencer (March 25)

Marketers know that connecting with influencers is a complementary component to a successful content marketing strategy. Identifying those influencers has become much easier with search and social analytics. Yet creating a successful engagement strategy takes a deeper dive into understanding how influencers think and how their activities differ based on the social channel. For example, influencers on Pinterest typically care about different metrics than those creating content on Facebook or Twitter. A walk in the shoes of a YouTube influencer is  not exactly like someone on Instagram or Google+.

This webinar will plunge into the mind of each of these influencers so brands and marketers can better understand this popular audience. Our expert panelists will share insights from both a brand and influencer perspective so marketers can customize their content strategies to the influencers and platforms that best match their customer.

What:  Influencers 2.0 | ROI of the Influencer

When: March 25th at 12pm EST / 9am PST

Where: Online – Social Media Today

Seminar Leads:

  • David Amerland
  • Linda West
  • Carly Tatum

Learning Objectives:

  • Use analytics to understand social influencers’ needs and wants.
  • Tailor content for a range of influencers across social platforms.
  • Distribute content with influencers most relevant for each medium


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