Inbound Marketing is SO Huge – Where Do I Start?

Are you excited about the possibilities that inbound marketing can bring to your small business but overwhelmed with the sheer amount of strategies and topics that fall under the inbound marketing umbrella?  It’s a common predicament, but no worries; we can help get you started.  If inbound marketing is a completely new concept for your company, then your website is the very best starting point.

What if My Company Does Not Have a Website?

This may seem like a silly question for people that are technologically savvy, but the fact is that approximately 75% of businesses surveyed in May 2012 still did not have a website (US Census Bureau).  There are many reasons small business owners hesitate to invest in setting up a website for their companies, with affordability being extremely high on the list of concerns.  But, in today’s business world, your small business truly can’t afford to NOT be on-line.

Where Do I Start With Inbound Marketing?So, our answer to the question above is, “Then, it’s time to get one!”  The good news is that big advances have been made around website development and maintenance since the early days of the Internet.  It is now possible to own and operate your own professional website for only a few dollars per month and a tiny amount of knowledge.  And, the even better news is that dripdrap is devoting this entire month (August 2013) to providing you with all of the essential information including tutorials, resources, and tips on how to set up a website for your small business.  Just visit our Starting Your Website section.

My Website Is Up, Now What?Where Do I Start With Inbound Marketing?

If your small business already has a website, then the next logical step for inbound marketing strategies is the optimization of that website.  Perhaps you had your website optimized by a professional when you originally designed and launched your site.  But, optimization is not a one time activity that will sustain over months and years of time without maintenance and updates.

There are many resources and tools available to help you understand the latest trends and protocols surrounding SEO, and next month (September 2013) we will devote our entire month to SEO.  But, if you are in need of some great information now, then check out these links:

  • HubSpot – this links to their marketing grader which will evaluate your website’s SEO along with other inbound marketing factors
  • Yoast – one of my very favorite resources and tools for SEO on websites


We love to hear from our readers, so please feel free to share your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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