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Elliance Inbound Marketing Flashcards Website

screenshot of webpage

Pittsburgh based inbound marketing agency, Elliance recently announced the release of their new flashcards targeted toward higher education institutions.  The flashcards are intended to inform marketers at these educational organizations on what inbound marketing is and how inbound marketing techniques can improve the results of their marketing campaigns.

The virtual “flashcards” are entirely digital and hardly designed in the style of a flashcard.  They can all be accessed at Elliance’s A Full Deck of Insight webpage and appear more like Windows tiles that you can click on to reveal content behind each picture.  Each flashcard provides short tidbits about Audiences, Strategy, Tactics, Tools, or ROI related information, and most of the cards include a suggested action to take to maximize marketing efforts.

All-in-all, Elliance has put together a nice looking website that clearly targets a particular set of organizations (educational); however, the content and advice they provide is not really customized for any audience.  They could easily re-package these up tomorrow and claim that they have been created for people within the beauty industry.  Perhaps none of their potential clients would know the difference, but we would certainly notice.

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