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This month’s We Try It inbound marketing tool is DoInbound.  Ever heard of it?  Well it’s a relatively new tool for planning, scheduling, and tracking inbound marketing campaigns.

DoInbound HomepageFinding DoInbound

I don’t recall exactly how I happened across the DoInbound website, but I do remember being interested in learning more about their system after viewing the homepage and tour.  DoInbound touts themselves as the industry’s best campaign management software, and their target audience appears to be inbound agencies – not necessarily companies wanting to initiate in inbound marketing strategies – so it is unclear whether this tool would be useful for a small business that is not a marketing agency.  With that said, I still wanted to learn more about the DoInbound system and tools, so I reached out to the DoInbound sales team.

The DoInbound sales team was extremely responsive and willing to answer questions and provide information I requested.  They also scheduled me quickly for a demo of the DoInbound system.

My DoInbound Demo

We Try It article with DoInbound for Inbound MarketingDuring the demo, the salesperson introduced me to several components and features of the DoInbound system.  The Persona Builder was one of the pieces that stood out as a potentially powerful tool as it appeared to outline all of the important details a company needs to identify about their target audience.  I asked about whether the Persona Builder comes pre-populated with all of these fields necessary to build a complete persona profile and was told that it is a template DoInbound provides for all customers.

Another feature that stood out during the demo is the Campaign Builder (which actually appears to connect to all pieces of the system).  The Campaign Builder helps you to document, assign, and track all pieces of an inbound marketing campaign from start to finish.  Again, the level of information and step-by-step details provided within the screens I was shown is extraordinary.  It seemed to contain everything I would need to consider if I were launching a campaign next month around a new product/whitepaper/or whatever.  I asked the salesperson about how a user really maximizes this Campaign Builder tool and was told that DoInbound offers support for their new users to get started using best techniques and even provides templates for the Campaign Builder as well.

There are several other features and areas of the DoInbound system especially around team and calendar management plus scalability so you can add clients and manage their inbound marketing campaigns as well as your own.

First Impressions of DoInbound

If I correctly understand what someone gets when they sign up for the DoInbound system, then it appears to be a complete guide and project management tool for inbound marketing campaigns – intriguing for sure!  In fact, intriguing enough that I have decided to try it out for myself even though they do not offer a free trial period (that’s the one thing I had hoped would be available – primarily because nearly all online tools and systems nowadays do offer a free trial of some sort – that I did not get).  They do, however, offer this tool without a long-term commitment from their clients, so you can pay month to month and cancel at any time.  By the way – the pricing starts at $50 per month (which includes an account for your company and one client portal).

Getting Prepared for DoInbound

I started my DoInbound account today, and I have high hopes for the DoInbound system.   I will be documenting and sharing my experiences using the DoInbound system for an entire 30 days.  During those 30 days, I will attempt to explore every feature and section within the DoInbound system, and I will be evaluating its usefulness and value for small business owners.

Here is a list of the questions I aim to answer during my first month with DoInbound:

  • We Try It article with DoInbound for Inbound Marketinghow easy is it to get started?
  • how helpful is the DoInbound team once they have my money?
  • is the system intuitive and built so anyone can use it without much hand holding?
  • are the persona building and campaign building templates as great as I think they are?
  • how long does it take to set up a new inbound marketing campaign?
  • is the value of the DoInbound system worth the price?
  • could any company looking to start inbound marketing campaigns use DoInbound or is it truly only useful for agencies that provide inbound marketing as a service to its clients?
  • PLUS many more questions that arise as I work with the system

I will be publishing an online diary of my experiences using the DoInbound system and then a full review of the system after the first month is complete.  If you are a current or past user of DoInbound, I would love to connect with you and hear your opinions.

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