Digital Disruption and the New Agency Challenge (March 18)

We now live in the Age of the Customer where the world is rapidly changing due to digital disruption caused by accelerating adoption of digital technologies and services.  In this new age, being an innovative digital agency is more challenging than ever.

Over the past five years, digital has defined “what’s new” from agencies, and marketers have moved substantial budget to enterprise marketing software. But what were new practice areas for agencies a few years ago are now table stakes for firms that want to compete for a strategic slice of large company marketing budgets.

Is your agency up to the challenge? Join guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc. VP and Principal Analyst Bert DuMars, and Lyris CMO Alex Lustberg in a research-driven discussion of what the top global agencies are doing to successfully partner with clients to deliver innovative brand engagement programs.

What: Digital Disruption and the New Agency Challenge

When: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 @ 11:00 AM PDT (1 hour session)

Where: Online – Lyris

Seminar Lead: Bert DuMars – VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research & Alex Lustberg – CMO, Lyris

Learning Objectives:

  • Taking a multi-touchpoint approach to helping brands engage more effectively, using email as a foundational channel
  • Innovating and reaching audiences faster
  • Using technology products and services to help clients deliver “what’s next” experiences




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