Analytics for Startups (September 25)

Before your startup can grow, you need to overcome several roadblocks. Every startup faces them and they prevent you from moving forward.

Is your idea worth committing to? Have you reached product/market fit or not? Do you have a stable business model?

In fact, there’s 4 Gateways to Growth that every startup has to go through before becoming a stable and growing business. Each of these gateways can be measured. But Google Analytics or other analytics tools won’t help you here. There’s only a few metrics you need to keep an eye on as you move through each gateway.



What: Analytics for Startups

WhenThursday, September 25th at 10am PDT

Where: Online – KISSmetrics


Learning Objectives:

  • The 4 Gateways to Growth and the key metric for each
  • The only metric you should care about for a brand new startup
  • How to tell if you’ve reached product/market fit
  • When to focus on growth


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