What We Do

dripdrap is passionately enthusiastic about sharing information and knowledge in the areas of inbound marketing and online tools.  We endeavor to provide useful information on smart solutions while being conscientious about the important balance of maximizing results and minimizing costs for small business owners.

Why We Do It

Our clients turn to us time and time again to research and answer their questions about the best solutions currently available for their business and project needs.  For years, we have been paid to do that sort of consultancy, and we’ve learned a lot of things.  We’ve also recognized that while all businesses are not the same, there are several similar interests, challenges, questions, and mistakes that small business owners encounter.  We’ve decided to share the insights and lessons we’ve encountered here at dripdrap so other small businesses can benefit.

How We Do It

The information found on dripdrap is assembled entirely from human based research (not programmed Internet scrapers).  This distinction is important to note because our process requires time, logical assessment and practical application which ultimately provides superior results and data.

We strive to provide tested and unbiased information which is why we also accept no compensation from companies to write positive statements about their products and/or services.*  All opinions about the usefulness or weaknesses of solutions shared by dripdrap are backed by our research and the results we have observed while working with our clients.  With that said, we do acknowledge that our opinions are just that – opinions.  And, we fully recognize that there are situations and circumstances that may conflict with our data.

*see our affiliate disclaimer for more information

Who We Are

Phillip Wicker (el Capitán) leads dripdrap by uncovering emerging technologies and investigating trends for small business systems.  He is also a social media guru and video-editing whiz.  Feel free to connect with Phillip regarding any questions you have about dripdrap.

Stephanie Frieze (the Skipper) maintains business communications and relationships between dripdrap and other industry influencers.  Her role includes researching how solutions are working for clients and remedying challenges that arise.  Reach out to Stephanie to learn more about dripdrap.

Get In Touch

If you have a small business question or challenge that relates to marketing and/or the use of online tools and applications, we encourage you to reach out to us.  We would love to hear from you.

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