12 Top Inbound Marketing Articles for Mar 2 – 8 #wereadthat

This week I read more than 125 articles posted online, sent via email or newsletter, and shared with me by colleagues to compile my top 12 inbound marketing articles for the week of Mar 2-8.  So, let’s take a look:


#12 – Protecting your original content is most likely a concern for every writer and company that publishes quality pieces.  Andy Credstodina’s post on the Content Marketing Insitute’s blog this week shares details about how he discovered plagiarism of both site design and content for his company, the steps they took, and what you should expect when dealing with those sorts of situations.


#11 – Google news is like celebrity news in the world of online marketing.  Everyone is always speculating on what they’re up to and who they’ll be snuggling up to next.  So, of course, Tiffany Nix’s post at Nectafy titled What The New Google Search Results Layout Means For Inbound Marketers was a must read!  While I agree that there is clearly a visual difference to the new vs old search screenshots Tiffany shows, I am not completely sold on the conclusion that this will change my inbound marketing strategies.  Either way you slice it, the paid ads are being boosted to the top of the results.  It’s those organic results that I’m after, am I wrong?


#10 – Another Google post?  Yep.  But, this time it’s a look at Gmail’s auto unsubscribe feature.  Did you know even know that Gmail has a fast an easy way for people to unsubscribe to your newsletters without even opening your message up?  Yeah, it’s true, but don’t let it get you down.  The post Does Gmail Hate Email Marketers? at MyBizMailer reveals that this feature is nothing new or to be afraid of.


#9 – Perhaps David McSweeney’s a real SEO scientist or maybe he just got fed up with all of the unsubstantiated “facts” flying around the internet.  Either way you look at it, he’s stacked up quite a list of opinions, strategies, and best practices that he tested and concluded as confirmed or busted.  Thanks for sharing your SEO obsession (ahem, I mean thoroughness)!


#8 – I’m a fan of staying out of trouble especially with the law and especially with regard to the laws surrounding business.  So, Marketo’s post this week, Stay in Compliance: What Marketers Need to Know About ePrivacy Law, was a great reminder that everyday emails and newsletters cross different jurisdictions and boundaries.  It is wise to stay informed about what is legal in different parts of the world.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse!


#7 – LocalVisibilitySystem’s post, Microsites for Local SEO: the Pros and Cons, addresses a question we commonly encounter with clients we consult – 0ne site or many (to include all of the possible combinations of keywords and geographic locations)?  If Phil had listed more pros than cons, this post wouldn’t make my top list, but (in my opinion) Phil’s got this one right.  Stick with one site, and make it great instead of trying to spread your content too thin.


#6 – Do you ever wonder what it would be like to take over a major company’s Twitter feed (with hundreds of thousands of followers) for one day?  Then imagine doing that with a name that might be mistaken for a celebrity’s social media account.  What would you do?  I really enjoyed Phil Harrell’s post about his experience controlling HubSpot’s Twitter account for a day, and I think Phil was dying for a good excuse to pose in that hat – bravo!


#5 – Ok, so this article posted on Prosar Marketing about the 5 Common Misconceptions about Inbound Marketing is not a new concept.  In fact, I’ve seen at least 5 other articles with the exact same title this week.  But, 5a on Dave’s list brings his post into my top 5 for the week.  Anyone that can tie a Chuck Norris comparison into the same post as inbound marketing gets my vote – call it a weakness.


#4 – Grant Johnson shares an interesting perspective on inbound marketing leads and the potential of stirring up too much interest with your marketing efforts in his article The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar published in the iMedia Connection blog on March 6th.  What do you think?  Is that a common problem that marketers and clients need to address?  Or is there really such a thing as too much attention?  Honestly, it’s hard for me to pick a side for a few reasons, but the one that keeps sticking with me is why Grant chose that name for the title of his article.  I would bet it was for attention . . . hmmm.


#3 – Michael Liberman’s post this week in Square2Marketing’s blog titled If Inbound Marketing Had Oscars, The Awards Would Go To . . . was a refreshingly, creative surprise.  When I clicked to view the post, I had already anticipated what sort of information was waiting for me.  I figured it was a list of companies that use entertaining content to draw in their audiences.  BUT, my guess was way off.  Instead, Michael aligns different types of inbound marketing actions and techniques with some of the top awards that are given away at the Oscars.


#2 – I like numbers, stats, infographics, and anything that can lend itself to becoming short and interesting conversation starters.  I also like the idea of stats that you can test out yourself to see the results.  That’s why Ayaz Nanji’s post, The Most Effective Email Subject Line Length, in MarketingProfs this week is one of my top picks.  Now, all I need to do is figure out what sort of email message I can tie to the subject line Happy (Pharrell William’s #1 song) Team (Lorde’s #6 song) Dark Horse (Katy Perry’s #2 song), and my emails will surely be popular in everyone’s inbox.


#1 – My favorite article of the week was Content Curation in Action: 360Chestnut which was posted on Curata’s blog site.  As marketers, we tend to talk a lot about what proper strategies and techniques, what you should and shouldn’t do, and our opinions on what will yield the best results.  But, we just don’t spend enough about putting all that good information in place and showcasing the results.  So, read up on how 360Chestnut is driving their business forward and getting noticed for curation activities around green and energy efficient communities.


  1. Thanks for including the article about Google! This is a great round-up.

    • Hey Tiffany,
      Thanks for sharing your Google find with the world. Because of you, I read about it days before some of the bigger news guys reported it. And today is the first day, that new style actually showed up on my google searches.

      Thanks again!


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